A Poetry: The Road

‘The Road’

I was sleepy but didn’t let the eyes

Come down heavily upon my shighs;

For miles are left to be walked along

Murmuring in my heart the only song

You had sung me when the moon was dead,

And the shadows of the stars were only bed

To lie upon in the nights wet in the pain


The road was shaking in the coldest rain.

The road was mine and only only mine

How can you say that it won’t ever shine?

See, I’ve walked the miles o’er and o’er again


The road was shaking in the coldest rain.”

© Kusi Rikba

A Poetry: ‘The girl who never cried’

The girl who never cried’

No, the girl did not cry yet;

Her eyes are though full of golden rays,

Her hands spread out to get

The light which they said never stays.

The waves beneath her pale weak legs

Had promised her a blue sunrise,

But, the drowning hope now poorly begs

You See, the flying bird at last cries.

She raised her head out of the clouds

And smiled as if there is no sky

The golden rays in her soul shouted loud

You know, the flying bird will never cry.”

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Three reasons why you should learn to play a Bad Guy, sometimes!

Well, the one most misunderstood myth in our life has been and still is that: Be a pure Good Person all through your life in order to live happily. But, I disagree (and believe me so will you, after completing this article). It sounds quite shocking, right?!!! Since your childhood you have been taught to be a Good Person all through your life in order to achieve all that matters and to live the life happily ever after. Be it a good job or a good girl, you must be an honest, loyal, faithful as well as a hard-working person (all the traits of a Good Guy) to get along all these! But, looking at the ground reality you must admit that the scenario is quite different. Let’s dive deep into the matter straight and debunk the millennium old myth.

1) There’s no such thing as ‘Good People’!

Believe me, it’s more than cent percent true! Good people are actually bad people who never get caught! They are more than clever and tricky all through their lives. You can say, they are just top notch actors in real life. They pose good to you until and unless you don’t pose any threat to them! Once you do, they just can’t wait to show their true colors!So, even if you try heart and soul to be a 100% good guy, it’s not feasible keeping in view the others’ perspective. No matter how good you are, you will always be ‘a bad guy’ in someone’s story!

2) The straight tree falls prey to the storm first!

It’s a well known proverb as well as a well explaining one. Being purely good person is like a tall tree standing straight at the field just inviting the ferocious storm to ram into you with all its might. In a time like this, you know it quite well that, if you even wish to be a pure good guy the world around you won’t allow it to be.

3) The moon is beautiful with its black spot actually!

Nothing is perfect in this world and this is widely accepted truth. Human mind thus has been evolved to accept the material things based on this tremendously true principle. Any deviation to commonly accepted beliefs and human psychology starts behaving weirdly. This is true with respect to the matter in discussion here. A perfect guy doesn’t exist—-this is the common belief. And you dare to break this rule, you will start suffering in no time. So, never wish to be a purely good guy at all. It’s perfectly good to be a bad guy.

So, don’t blame yourself if you ever thought you are not as good as that asshole, rather cheer up and celebrate being a bad guy sometimes in life.

See you guys in my next article.

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